About Cynthia


Cynthia specializes in media, tech and education start-ups. She has worked for more than 50 different companies including American Broadcasting Company, Time Warner — including Sports Illustrated, People, Time and Money Magazines, Meredith Corporation, Maclean Hunter, Times Mirror, Kaiser Permanente, The Christian Science Monitor, The Sporting News, Loma Linda University, Yankee Magazine, Mutual of Omaha, EQUUS, Polo Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine and many others.

From family to career, Cynthia embraces the fullness of life. She lives in the balance of faith, integrity, respect for others and a commitment to excellence.


Our Approach

We work with you every step of the way — from ideation, product development, marketing and beyond.  Our methodology positions you to lay the right tracks to accelerate faster, smarter and more efficiently.

• Establish the big picture – from ideation, product-market-fit, product development, future visioning and customer experience
• Create a comprehensive and cohesive strategy across the organization
• Craft business models with predictable revenue pipelines
• Define realistic execution plans, process, metrics and clear outcomes
• Build elite teams of loyal teammates that work with passion, purpose measurable performance
• Remove workplace barriers to unleash creativity, innovation and accelerated progress
• Ensure reliable stakeholder experiences that enable and frame an enduring brand

Next Steps

Cynthia is available for speaking engagements, consulting and participation in select early stage startups.